Dissertation mark!


I GOT A 1ST!!!

This is one of the happiest moments I’ve ever had! The sense of achievement and pride knowing that your hard work has paid off and it was actually of a high standard has to be one of the best feelings in the world.

My friend on my course messaged me telling me our dissertation mark was up on moodle, as I was logging in to check I actually had butterflies and my stomach was in knots. When I saw that A I was ecstatic!

I think what makes it even better is I did my dissertation on a topic I’m genuinely passionate about. It also helps that the dissertation is worth 2 modules so my fingers are crossed for a 1st class honours degree! Even still a 2.1 would be awesome, my marks are quite an even mix of 1st’s and 2.1’s so far with 4 more marks still to come. I shall be waiting with baited breath!


Work, work and more work


Well… dissertation is in! I had it bound as a hard back book, it looked very smart and I felt really proud. I couldn’t believe I had done enough work to fill a book!
Whilst the end of uni is approaching fast I do still have a lot of work (coupled with a part-time job) so I’m focusing on that right now, but I have so many ideas for blog posts! I’m absolutely itching to finish my work so I can devote more time to blogging.

In the meantime, I better get back to work!

The Daily Mail strikes again



There I was, guiltily reading a rather trivial story on the Mail Online website when (even by the Daily Mail‘s standards) what I read genuinely shocked me and I couldn’t bring myself to read the rest of the article.

It was all about the girl who tweeted about Barack Obama just over a week ago: “If barraco barner is our president, then why is he getting involved in russia, scary”. It went viral and most news websites picked it up with some people even blogging about it.

It’s a pretty light-hearted story and on Twitter the link to an interview with the girl published by the Mail was going around entitled “I’m not stupid, I’ve got 17 GCSES.” In spite of myself I was somewhat interested in what the girl had to say.

I was reading the article and it was all a bit dramatic for such a trivial story but I carried on regardless, I willingly clicked onto the Mail Online for god’s sake, I knew what I was getting into (and yet that still didn’t prepare for me what came next). I got further into the article, maybe about the 10th paragraph. In sticking up for the girl, the article read “While Gemma might not be signing up for Mensa any day soon, she’s certainly no Jade Goody.”

I genuinely did a double take and read it a second time and felt totally horrified they had used Jade Goody as a reference in a derogatory manner. The very same woman who lost her battle with cervical cancer in 2009 leaving behind two children.

Really Daily Mail? I personally think that is totally unacceptable and extremely insensitive. Whilst I accept wholeheartedly that Jade Goody made mistakes in her career as well as forging her path on Big Brother by making some hilariously silly statements, the poor woman died 5 years ago and using her name to mock her even now seems very unfair.

After having studied media law I am aware in legal terms you cannot defame a person once they’ve died. I wonder whether that had anything to do with it, perhaps the journalist in question is particularly worried about being done for libel. But that does not excuse the action itself and I’m sure she could have used any number of references in the celebrity world who would have laughed it off or not even have seen it.

Here is the link to the article in question.

I tweeted the journalist who wrote the story, Jill Foster.

“I was just reading your interview with Gemma Worrall on the Mail Online and I’m really disgusted you referenced Jade Goody” 

 “a woman that lost her battle with cancer 5 years ago leaving behind 2 children. So insensitive and unnecessary. Shame on you”

She merely replied “I’m sorry you feel that way.”

Edit number 2:

Exchanged a series of tweets with the journalist arguing my case and she came back with lovely remarks such as “She made a career out of making daft remarks. I stand by it.”  See below for the full conversation.




I stand by my opinion but the journalist just wasn’t haven’t any of it hence why I put an end to the conversation. It really does baffle me though, her reasoning for using Jade’s name seems entirely warped to me. She may well be more famous to DM readers but using her name in the story was in no way a necessity – the readers are already reading the story by this point anyway.

“She’s certainly no Jade Goody.” She could quite as easily have said “She’s certainly not thick/an idiot/stupid/any other name of a living celebrity who has famously made silly remarks.” I mean get real, there is a certain reality star who was in I’m a Celebrity who didn’t know how to blow their nose – someone who I don’t think would even care if this journalist had used their name.

I also resent that she used the excuse “Jade Goody made a career out of making daft remarks.”  Maybe to begin with, but as the years went by Jade became very successful in her endeavours and made a hell of a lot of money.

So I’m sorry Jill, but your excuses just do not cut it. You should have some respect. At the end of the day, Jade did famously make daft remarks, especially in her two instances of appearing on Big Brother. But that is not how I remember Jade Goody. I remember an extremely brave and courageous woman who dealt with a terminal illness in the spotlight and did all she could to ensure the security of her two children before she passed. I remember a woman whose tragic plight inspired 1000s of other women to attend a cervical screening potentially saving lives.

It’s a dissertation kind of day


Working hard on my dissertation today, I swear 2014 has gone ridiculously quickly and I now have just less than two months until it’s due in, which is really scary considering I have a huge amount of other work to do! I work part-time (well, if you can call 20+ hours part-time!) so it can be difficult to find the time to sit down and work efficiently. Plus I recently found myself getting irrationally addicted to Lost (which I actually completed watching the other day and sad to say it was a disappointing ending. I really should have spent my time better!). 

I suppose the redeeming factor of a dissertation and the massive amount of work and stress that goes into it is that the whole point is you’ve obviously picked the topic hence you’re passionate about it and interested in it. And of course the idea of having a real bound book of something I’ve worked so hard on makes me really excited!

My dissertation title is “The future of journalism in the digital age” although the term “future” could well be interchangeable with “place” or “role” dependent on where my research and writing takes me. I’ve always been extremely interested in the interest and it’s usage for journalism, particularly because technology is growing exponentially and so the opportunities for journalistic endeavours grows with it. One of my favourite modules on my uni course was definitely the online journalism module last year, whereby in the assignment title I chose was a quote about Twitter by Guardian editor Alan Rusbridger (the essay is actually available to read on the University Work page).

Funnily enough, right now I’m actually writing about blogging. Chapter two of my dissertation is loosely titled “News in the 24/7 digital age” and will discuss news websites, social media (including video), citizen journalism and of course, blogging. I came across some staggering statistics, finding out that WordPress has 70 million users and there are 152 million blogs worldwide. It’s incomprehensible really, here’s little old me sat writing a WordPress post and at this very second there’s undoubtedly millions of others doing the same thing. Blogging really is an amazing tool!




I’ve updated the ‘University Work’ page on my blog to include work from semester a’s modules, Ideologies and Culture and Contemporary Issues. There are a couple of things I still need to add from the Sub-Editing, Design and Layout  module but they will have to wait as they are on my account at uni.

A degree is getting ever closer!


Marks are in for semester a! I’m really pleased with the results I have received for the assignments and exams in the first term as I worked hard. We’ve been given grades this year as opposed to marks out of 100 like the previous 2 years of the course and I’ve come away with an A-, four B+ and a B which translates to a 1st and five 2.1s.

I’ve been looking forward to getting the marks not only to see how I’d done, but also because I’m eager to get my work up on here considering this blog has been somewhat lacking in content recently (insert obligatory excuse regarding being a third year uni student with a part-time job and a fiancé to look after!). The essay that I got a 1st in was a particular reward for me as I found it so interesting to write, so to know it was worthy of a high mark means a lot. I’m going to make a start putting the work I’ve done up on here and linking it to the ‘University Work’ section of my blog and hopefully there will be some content of interest to my followers!