Time flies when you’re being a mum


After having a little look on my blog, I’ve realised my last post was a year ago. A YEAR?! Really?! This is not acceptable!

Clearly the trials and tribulations of becoming a mum for the first time have taken over my life! My daughter is 8 months now, with a little mind and personality  all of her own. Since around 6 months she’s been sitting up, crawling, pulling herself up and is well on her way to walking. She absolutely loves playing and is beginning to be extremely fascinated with all her different types of toys.

Thankfully, this means I now have more time to write blogs (in between getting up to go and move her away from whatever it is she is desperately trying to get off the TV stand/coffee table, despite having about 57 toys in the vicinity!).  So, my (early) news years resolution is to write a whole lot more as I have definitely missed it.




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