How to give blogging a bash


In my last post, I wrote about how I was shocked that I’d been away from my blog for so long. Whilst all my energy was focused on becoming a first-time mum, I really missed writing and it got me thinking about what a good tool blogging actually is.

For me, the best thing about blogging is the fact that it’s a way to do something really productive with your spare time. It also encourages discussion about everything and anything, because there is no end to the topics you can blog about.

It can also earn you money by including ads or affliliate marketing and if you write about stuff like beauty you could get sent free stuff to review. Continuing with blogging after Uni meant I kept up my writing experience, so I managed to get a copywriting position on Copify to earn a few extra pennies in my spare time.

Seeing as I’ve found blogging so rewarding, I thought I’d share Copify’s great guide on starting a blog, as well as offering a few of my own tips if you do fancy giving it a go.

First things first, choose a platform. Explore the sites that offer blogging and pick the best one for you. I went with WordPress because I’d used it at Uni but I’ve heard great things about Blogger and Ghost. If your blog would predominantly be a photoblog, Tumblr might be your best bet as it’s great for integrating media. You can even host your blog on your own domain if you’ve got the know-how.

Next, you need to decide what you want to write about. As I said earlier, you can literally write about anything, but obviously it’s best to go with something you’ve got a keen interest in. When you know what you’re talking about, this gives blogs a real flair of passion and creativity.

Most people have a hobby, whether it be photography, baking, music and everything in between. Hobbies can make great, successful blogs as there will always be lots of people who are interested in the same things.

Once you find your niche, it’s best to try and stick to a particular subject, or at least keep a vague theme. I tend to stick to current affairs and popular culture, but I have interspersed it with the occassional personal post.

When you’ve posted a blog, it’s a good idea to share it on your other social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter to reach a wider audience and encourage conversations with people about your content.

Once you’ve started, post as regularly as possible! You don’t need to blog everyday but at least monthly would be good. It just means you won’t fall off the radar and you keep people interested. I’ve broken my own rule here as I didn’t find the time to post when I had my daughter and I didn’t write anywhere near as much as I wanted to when I was at Uni because I had so much work to fit around a part-time job as well!

Despite that, my post about the Ice Bucket Challenge got over 140 000 views and was read all over the world and my post about miscarriage awareness was shared on the Miscarriage Associations social media accounts. As someone who is passionate about writing, this was a big deal to me, and it shows that blogging really can get your voice out there. So if you have something to say, give it go. Anything could happen!


Time flies when you’re being a mum


After having a little look on my blog, I’ve realised my last post was a year ago. A YEAR?! Really?! This is not acceptable!

Clearly the trials and tribulations of becoming a mum for the first time have taken over my life! My daughter is 8 months now, with a little mind and personality  all of her own. Since around 6 months she’s been sitting up, crawling, pulling herself up and is well on her way to walking. She absolutely loves playing and is beginning to be extremely fascinated with all her different types of toys.

Thankfully, this means I now have more time to write blogs (in between getting up to go and move her away from whatever it is she is desperately trying to get off the TV stand/coffee table, despite having about 57 toys in the vicinity!).  So, my (early) news years resolution is to write a whole lot more as I have definitely missed it.