Knowing a sex attacker


Local newspaper website the Leamington Courier recently reported on the sexual assault of a female university student. I was forwarded the link to the story by a couple of friends due to the fact that the attacker is allegedly Bikramjit Baden.

Bikramjit, known as Bik Bad among people in Leamington (where I’m originally from) was a very well-known presence as he frequented the bars and pubs in Leamington and was a photographer for website Resident Clubber. Another reason he was well-known is because he loved to take selfies with girls, of which I was one of a few years ago before I went to Uni. I actually had a couple of photos with him tagged on my Facebook. Evidently, Bik has deleted his profile and the photos have gone with it.

He seemed to love talking to women and taking pictures with them and it was rare to see him out and not chatting to a girl. The consensus among most people was, yes it was a little odd, but he seemed completely harmless. I say ‘odd’ merely because you don’t often see guys going around bars asking for photos with women. But this also relates to what he would say. More often than not, I enjoyed conversing with him because he was a nice guy, he actually had things to talk about and he was interested in what you had to say. But there was definitely times when I thought what he said was a little strange. Something that stands out particularly is a few times when he had taken a picture with me. He’d look back on the picture and say I looked pretty and sometimes asked me ‘Do I look pretty?’. From my conversations with Bik I could tell he was an extremely insecure man who desperately sought approval from what he perceived as beautiful women.

The fact that this story has come out and Bik is the alleged attacker – following a young girl to her door, punching her numerous times then putting his hand up her skirt and sexually assaulting her – was something I found very shocking. Bik has denied the allegations pleading not guilty, saying he was very drunk but he had been attacked himself on the way home. Despite my better nature, I really want to think that Bik didn’t commit this crime. I think it’s entirely human to not want to believe someone you knew and someone who seemed like a nice man would commit such a heinous crime against a vulnerable woman. 

However, the woman has obviously identified Bik and a jury unanimously judged that he was guilty. It just makes you realise that sometimes you never really know someone or what they are capable of. I am disgusted by his actions and my heart goes out to the victim of this attack. I hope that she is able to move on from this horrible incident and is able to gain some closure following Bikramjit’s conviction.