I’ve updated the ‘University Work’ page on my blog to include work from semester a’s modules, Ideologies and Culture and Contemporary Issues. There are a couple of things I still need to add from the Sub-Editing, Design and Layout  module but they will have to wait as they are on my account at uni.


A degree is getting ever closer!


Marks are in for semester a! I’m really pleased with the results I have received for the assignments and exams in the first term as I worked hard. We’ve been given grades this year as opposed to marks out of 100 like the previous 2 years of the course and I’ve come away with an A-, four B+ and a B which translates to a 1st and five 2.1s.

I’ve been looking forward to getting the marks not only to see how I’d done, but also because I’m eager to get my work up on here considering this blog has been somewhat lacking in content recently (insert obligatory excuse regarding being a third year uni student with a part-time job and a fiancé to look after!). The essay that I got a 1st in was a particular reward for me as I found it so interesting to write, so to know it was worthy of a high mark means a lot. I’m going to make a start putting the work I’ve done up on here and linking it to the ‘University Work’ section of my blog and hopefully there will be some content of interest to my followers!