It’s been a while…


I haven’t posted in a long time, I’ve been slightly away with the fairies what with starting my third year at University, settling into my new flat and generally enjoying being back up North.

I’ve been doing some dissertation work amongst a couple of other uni things, as well as my laptop breaking along the way so sitting down and finding the time to write about something that has impassioned me has evaded me in the last month or 2 (baring in mind I am a massive perfectionist so a post can take 2-3 hours!). I’ve recently joined up at a gym so that’s taking up spare time too.

However I am back up and running now with a laptop (albeit stealing my boyfriends one!) so hopefully should have some time to sit and write some more posts soon, I am hoping to look at more political/hard news issues as well as the more contemporary issues I have covered in the past.